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Moon Flower Hotel Guilin is located on the scenic Taohua River, next to the famous two rivers and four lakes. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the reed flute rock of the 'Guobin Cave' in Zhonglingyuxiu. Guidi and other famous scenic spots in Guilin enjoy convenient transportation and comfortable environment.

The name of the hotel originated from Song. Shi Puji's 'Five Lantern Festival Yuan', 'Dwelling on Buddhism and ancestral meaning, I am talking verbally. The iron cow is gone without trace, and the moon Luhuajun looks at himself.'

The hotel's more than 20 rooms of different styles are designed by famous Shanghai designers. Modern elements are added to the style of northern Guangxi residences. The design is simple yet warm, combining modern simplicity with local architectural art. Restaurant, tea room, book bar, mahjong room, outdoor leisure card sitting; blending with nature, with the landscape, to create a good place for you to enjoy time and get close to nature. In addition to this, the area on the first floor can also accommodate about 50 people to reunite with friends and family. 'The mountains are green, the water is bright, the reeds of the bright moon see themselves', the bright moon reed hotel is a good place for you to relax and relax!